Health & Safety at work training is a crucial responsibility to all employers. Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. You must provide clear instructions and information, and adequate training, for your employees. This can be provided in the form of a series of trainings.

The system we propose offers the following advantages:

  • keeps training records & makes sure all of your staff has taken the Health & Safety at work training
  • provides only relevant & up-to-date information
  • sends automatic notifications when a training is due or is no longer available
  • generates transparent in form & comprehensive reports
  • mobile ready
  • developed by HES ergonomists, the software is an effective means in preventing work risks. Offers knowledge, approach & techniques, ready to use in real life

How does it work?

An employee qualified to HSE training, registers on our platform. Once having filled in all necessary details, the users is being informed of all courses assigned to his account. An employee can either launch a given course or print confirmation of course completion (a certificate – if not having done this earlier).

Our course certificate contains a unique barcode with user details & course status (completed or not). The lower part of the document can be cut off & shown at the entrance to the offices, when asked to be read by the scanner.

Moreover, the system sends messages & emails to staff notifying them about course updates (standards have changed) or necessity to take the course again due the certificate expired.