Nowadays, consumers are dominated by highly processed food produced using new technologies that focus mainly on a permanent production growth. Therefore, consumers look for more natural and healthier food products.

In the FOOD sector, we specialize in healthy food. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with Polish food producers globally acknowledged for production technology aimed at top quality and ensuring natural taste and nutritive values of food. Here, we offer a wide range of food and beverages and also agricultural products at competitive prices.

Healthy food from Poland is well-known worldwide and available in every corner of the world. Its quality is confirmed by top European Union quality certificates.

We operate as a distributor and producer of various products from the FMCG sector. Our domain is to be flexible with adjusting our offer to the customer in a trade and HORECA sector.

We offer top quality natural, cold-pressed juices, including apple and apple mixed with other fruit juices available in family packaging of 3 and 5 litres and in small 200 -milliliter packaging for children.

Our offer may, at any time, be extended to include nourishing and healthy apple purée and vegetable juices, in particular tomato juice, as well as other fruit and vegetables preserves.