We distribute top quality consumables used at medical centres and at home. The strength of our offer consists in workwear for medical professionals of modern design and colour.

  • Cardboard Medical Waste Containers – used for the collection of medical waste with sharp ends and edges, syringes, gloves, venous catheters, swabs. Very well suited as a container for the collection of overdue medications for disposal.
  • Working clothes for medical staff – top quality clothing with exceptional aesthetic qualities. It is possible to manufacture all types of that clothing for a specific order, catering for the customer’s needs regarding material and color.
  • Medical products that are used in the operating theatres, treatment rooms, outpatient clinics, dialysis centres, in first aid kits in ambulances
  • Products for medical care for professional and home use, like: urological pads, all in one diapers, disposable underwear, bed underpads, anatomically shaped inserts