Natural juices

Poland is the biggest producer of apples in Europe. They are famous for variety and delicious taste.

Our company produces 100% natural NFC juices, which means that they are NOT MADE FROM CONCENTRATE or thickened juices. The juices are fresh and cold pressed.

We offer cloudy (not clear) 100% natural APPLE JUICE, which is cold squeezed (pressed) from Polish healthy and delicious apples. After pressing, the juice is lightly pasteurized to extend the life of the juice, maintaining nearly all vitamins and nutrients of fresh apples.

To produce 1 liter of our juice we use approximately 1,5 kg of apples.

We are specialized in Apple Juice packed in 3 and 5 liter BAG-IN-BOX packages consisting of cardboard boxes and flexible containers with dispensers, which do not let air back inside, so that the juice retains its original taste and nutritional value.

Cloudy apple juice is four times healthier than the clear one because it preserves most of its nutritional qualities. Cloudy (not clear) apple juice prevents cancer and stops ageing, plus supports our natural immunity. This juice contains a lot of vitamin C, minerals, pectin – antioxidant and only fruits natural sugars.

We also offer cloudy fresh apple juice mixed with many other fruits, listed below.

100% natural juice products are recommended by the nutritionists. One glass of juice gives only 100 kcal. It is a good option in spare time but also at school or job break. Specially, the Doypack because you can easily put it into your bag.

Juices are available in different packages:

  • Family packaging Bag in Box – 3 and 5 litres
  • cardboard: 2, 1 and 0,75 litres
  • glass bottle: 330 and 250 ml
  • PET bottle: 500 and 330 ml
  • PET can: 315 ml
  • PET Cup 100 / 150 / 200 ml  (dedicated to airlines)
  • 200 ml Doypack with straw designed for kids
  • 200 ml Tetrapack cardboard box with straw

We offer a new brand of NFC juice dedicated to Arabian countries:

Daily Delicious – also in packages designed for kids.

Flavour options:

100% natural apple juice

100% natural apple and pear juice

100% natural apple and raspberry juice

100% natural apple and strawberry juice

100% natural apple and blackcurrant juice

100% natural apple and rhubarb juice

100% natural apple and chokeberry juice

100% natural apple and orange juice

100% natural apple and banana juice

100% natural orange juice

100% natural tomato juice

Our juices contain neither additional portion of water, sugar nor any preservatives as well.

3 l Bag in Box with POS materials